Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

SEO in Northern Ireland is heavily factored by Social Media Marketing. Social Media is prominent in most people’s lives, we will help your brand reach a large-scale online presence. We will help develop a strategy to keep you up to date.

It is necessary to keep your social media up to date, as ill-timed content will not interest people. 91% of local searches use Facebook to find local businesses online. This staggering statistic illustrates the fact that when it comes to social media marketing the most important strategy is to constantly update the feed of those social media networks that your audiences use most frequently and to update these channels with the right content.

We found that businesses using social media:

  • Increase their traffic
  • Generate higher converting leads
  • Increase website traffic and search engine ranking

We will update the social media pages and then we will use our SEO services. This is done through monitoring and keeping track on the activity of views, such as, the click through rates, how many people discovers your website through social media pages and how many times this has led to a successful interaction. This will then gain knowledge into what you are doing right and what could work upon when it comes to the advertising of and on your social media.