SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


Without a doubt SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the most important thing for any business in today online business world. Take any average person today that is looking for a restaurant that does Thai food, a local garage that is value for money and has good reviews, a business that sells cast iron down pipes, the new shoes all the celebrities are wearing they find it by searching online.

Your business can’t afford not to be optimising your website and content to be found by people using search engines. It’s that simple.

With Bradley Web Group we take your business website (or we can create a perfectly tailored one if need be)  and analysis its existing history, site structure and competition. Then we craft a SEO strategy that will help drive your website up the Google ranking to get you more website visits and then in turn work sales and customers.

SEO has changed rapidly in the last 5 years and needs every aspect of your online business to be geared towards improving it. The main factor in ranking your site above your competitors is back links and these are created in a number of ways but principally by creating engaging fresh content that will leave your website visitors feeling like your business is an authority in your field, trustworthy and most importantly worth sharing with their business associates and friends.

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