Predictions for Social Media Marketing for the next 10 years.

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We have three major predictions for the next 10 years on what the future of social media looks like.


  1. Data Drives Standards & Sales

If you work with data or analytics you would be hoping for a kind of standard in how channels repot data/analytics.



  1. Increase in Dark Social

This is still seen as an unknown territory for many social media marketers. Brands and companies will need to start figuring out ways to effective ways to insert themselves into this dark social space. The majority of brands don’t have an active presence on messaging apps, which is understandable, because they can be hard to navigate. But brands should consider dark social from a listening/customer service purpose—because conversations are happening out there.


  1. Change in Content Consumption

Content consumption is changing and content types are going to keep evolving. Facebook released new research on media consumption trends in their ‘Shifts for 2020’ series.


They reported that:


  • People spend an average of 1.7 seconds looking at a given piece of content-which is really a blink of an eye
  • People look 5x longer at video than static content on FB/IG
  • Daily watch time for FB live broadcasts grew 4x over a year’s time
  • 68% see VR becoming a part of everyday life


Social marketers will need to create these types of content in order to get and hold attention of their consumers.




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