Insight into Social Platform Enhancers

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This post will give you a breif insight into social platform enchancers;

Social Platform Enhancers are not social platforms and they don’t have their own audiences. They are not advertising agencies or public relations firms who can help you market on the social platforms. Some of them function as advertising networks that sit on top of the social platforms, whereas others are more similar to software companies that build applications and widgets for the social platforms and the blogosphere.




Appvertisement providers


In conjunction with the advertising network are the platform enhancers who build appvertisements for brands. These appvertisements combine the best of advertisements with useful or entertaining applications: hence the name appvertisement. These appvertisements harness a person’s social graph and are designed to provide meaningful value to users, often by having them contribute and personalize the application. This can be in the form of entertainment, information, or a utility that can sit within a social environment like a Facebook profile page. They’re designed to be social in nature, encouraging people to install the application and have their friends install it too. These appvertisement providers work with your advertising agency to define and build the appvertisement and then guarantee a certain number of paid installations by leveraging the social advertising networks.

Examples of appvertisement providers:





Blogger networks


Approximately 10 million active blogs are on the Internet right now, of which probably not more than 10,000 have significant traffic. But even reaching these bloggers can be challenging. It’s a question of scale as a marketer, you certainly don’t have time to reach out to 10,000 bloggers yourself. This is where blogger networks come in. Every day, more and more bloggers are organizing into blogger networks that represent them. The representatives align marketers with the appropriate blogs, promote the blogger network, manage the relationships with the bloggers, and handle all advertiser relations. Many blogger networks also have dashboards that allow you to choose different advertising options by selecting audiences, specific topics, and blogs through which you want to market. The most important blogger networks are as follows:


  • Federated Media which represents probably 200–300 of the most influential blogs covering most topics.
  • BlogHer is another important blogger network, representing women bloggers.
  • Six Apart also has a very active blogger network. In the case of Six Apart, as with Technorati, their blogger networks represent blogs that reside on their own platforms.
  • Some of the other blogger networks include PayingPost, BuzzLogic, and Adphilia.

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