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  • SEO

    With 93% of all online experiences beginning with a search engine, if your website is not showing on first page results it is most likely not viewed and essentially washed up by the other masses of websites. Having a good SEO will boost your rankings and increase the amount of traffic into your website. Through using SEO we will determine what keywords are relevant to your business and look at what your competitors are doing to achieve first page success.

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  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    With social media being prominent in most peoples lives, social media marketing will help your brand reach a large-scale online presence. We will help develop a strategy to keep your social media up to date. We will then use our SEO services to monitor and keep track on the activity of your viewers, such as, their click through rates, how many people discovered your website through your social media pages and how many times this has led to a successful interaction.

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  • Content Marketing

    Important to growing trust and loyalty, content marketing ensures that your website is carefully planned out increasing in a customers engagement with the website. Successful marketing requires thorough planning; we can consult with you to distribute efficient content that will ultimately ensure positive results. Content is the fastest and best way for a website to get hits, therefore, marketing your content in the appropiate way will guarantee you to get views.

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  • Video Creation

    We offer our video creation services to enhance the appeal of your website. With Youtube being the second largest search engine on the web just behind Google, it is becoming increasingly popular to create videos to advertise a business or a product. As well as this, it helps evoke information, products and services in a quick and appealing manner. In todays society more people are spending their time watching videos rather than going through the traditional route of reading a book or newspaper.

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  • Branding

    We will create the perfect branding solution to co-align with your business. Firstly, we will meet with you and assess your brands performance, following from this we will then compare your business’ brand with your competitors. Once this has been done we will then come up with a solution to make your brand ‘stand out’ and be more unique. Successful branding is key. Having a great design will increase the brands image and ensure positive feedback from customers.

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  • Email Marketing

    Email marketing can be used to advertise and deliver marketing messages to your customers. These days most people have an email account and with the use of smartphones most people can easily view their emails and get their emails sent directly to them. Through using our SEO efforts we will analyse the activity of your email, showing for example, the click through rates, and even the bounce rates of the email.

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  • Analytics

    Web analytics will help you see where you have went wrong and what you are doing right, this is done through analysing the various data. Using this data we will then look at what we can do to improve upon your website, by then coming up with a report we will then discuss with you the best way forward to improve any problems, also the report will be given to you so you can get a general overview of how your website is doing.

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  • Reputation Mangement

    Part of managing your reputation is to look at analytics and hypothesise a conclusion on the performance. We here at Bradley Web Group will manage your online reputation by tailoring negative material found on the Internet, so that the positive material will be in favour. This will in turn helps your business grown in popularity and positivity, which is vital if you want to be ahead of your competitors.

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  • PPC ( Paid Per Click)

    Pay Per Click is a successful Internet marketing tool used to drive traffic into your website. We will derive a series of relevant keywords to determine what will attract the appropriate traffic in. With most people nowadays using search engines to get the information that they want, pay per click offers your business to get to the top page results. PPC offer many advantages such as, presence on Google’s 1st page and the expanding your online visibility.

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