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This blog will give you a few simple steps on getting the best optimized individual URL for success in search engines. These steps could go into a lot of detail but we will cover the basic principles for the work which will help to optimize your page for certain keywords or phrases.

  1. Make sure the searchers goal is relevant and is succeeded – You should try to satisfy the searchers needs and it means trying to promote both intents. So you need to know who you are targeting and that the content will link to relevant places.


  1. Speed – A simple way of site success. You may know that Google can decide on user satisfaction sometimes directly but more so indirectly and that page abandonment stats are extremely high for sites mostly on mobiles as they tend to have longer loading pages. Pages which will have faster loading pages will have more links as they are more successful as user satisfaction will be higher.



  1. Creating good trust and engaging towards customers through branding, UX and UI – This can be related to step 2 as speed is highly related to user experience and these steps both are a big part of being mobile friendly. Your site should be visually pleasing for gaining trust for first time visitors such as colour scheme, images, easy to navigate and visual layout.


  1. Keyword targeting – a good way to keep your page in search results. Starting off I would put a keyword or phrase into the heading/title of the page and exaggerated more eg. Bold or H1 tag. But making sure it’s relevant to the information provided and keeps the user on the site. Page content, external anchor links, alt attributes, and URL are all other forms of keyword targeting. If you are using an image put the keyword in the image filename which is very important and some people may forget this.


  1. Brief optimization – As well as boosting the page ranking we want to boost the click-through earned they key to this is having a nice Meta description so it’s saying to searchers to click on the link. Having a good amount of on page elements can help although having inconsistent categories and tagging systems can be a mess when Google assigns categories. Also having a publication date for searchers are important as they are looking for up to date or more recent things. Your domain name should also be relevant to your site and giving a good brand and brief optimization.


  1. Having unique content – You need to make your content unique as it is a small goal to set for your site to increase your rankings and helps you stand out. So you should provide something or information that no one else may have as it is different. Even try changing the way you present your content or data for uniqueness although still keeping it user friendly.



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