Dealing with Ranking Fluctuations and what to Expect

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 It can be hard dealing with ranking fluctuations although it will happen to everyone. Although sometimes you should be concerned and the simple guide should help you know what to expect and how to deal with it.

People may either monitor their rankings weekly or monthly but the people who may track theirs daily will notice the most fluctuations. Although rankings bounce up and down a lot. SERP fluctuation would be quite common and would happen at a constant rate.



What you should expect when rankings fluctuate:


  1. The higher results would generally not fluctuate as much as the results lower down in the list.


  1. When you first enter the top five rankings you will see more fluctuations although as time passes your fluctuations will slow down as you stay for a sustained amount of time – it might just one or two position changes.


  1. When you’re in the top results you’ll find with a highly temporal topic or set of results you may still fluctuate at the top.



What to do


What should you do when this happens? Follow the following steps; question



  1. Don’t panic – don’t stress over this or take it out on your SEO or co-workers. It’s ok to experience fluctuations from day to day and it’s not normally something that you have done wrong.


  1. Use weeks for time period measurements – some people may base it on days but you should measure roughly four to six weeks of rankings to get a better overall result.


  1. Compare yourself to other competitors – If you compare your own fluctuations with others you will probably notice they could also be fluctuating just as must or even more so always check others and not just your own.


  1. Compare rankings to site traffic – you could be hitting rankings on a particular day from a certain area or device and you could be getting different rankings from others who may be seeing it differently. You can use a rank tracker online that can do rankings by scale instead of geo location etc.


  1. Time to get concerned – you should start to get concerned when your rankings fall drastically over a short period of time. This is when you should investigate and find the problem. You may have done something wrong or Google may have found something which they weren’t happy with or decided to devalue links as you page may have had problems.



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