Common Content Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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Content marketing has seen its share of changes over the past several years, much of which is thanks to ever-evolving technology and the rise of social media. As we move into a new year of content development, here are mistakes to avoid or fix.

1.    Not Maintaining a Blog Constantly:


A well-functioning website that will display your specific services and promote your products or brands is extremely important. In this day and age it is important to have a blog on your website as you will miss out on inbound leads, traffic opportunities and losing interest or click through of your site if you don’t include a blog.

When content creators use blogging as a marketing tactic, there are some key benefits, including:BLOG12

  • Increased traffic
  • Connections to social media
  • Exposure on search results


Only 60% of marketers are making blog posts a priority in 2017 although a third of consumers would say that they would prefer to see more blog posts or blog content.


2.    Ignoring Email Marketing Opportunities:


Having a successful email marketing campaign can help you achieve or build a huge subscriber base, which could mean keeping your pages up to date and fresh for readers.

Using email marketing is a good advantage as it is affordable and research shows that it out performs social media, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and display advertising which makes it extremely successful.

You can improve your email marketing tactics by following these steps:

  • Making emails mobile-responsive
  • Adding multiple CTAs
  • Using custom social media links


3.    Misusing Social Media:icons


Social media is a great way of marketing because it is free. Although many people don’t use the tools properly. By not understanding your audience or paying attention to others such as competitors and also not interacting with social users we are missing out on great content.

If you schedule posts for the most effective social sites this will be perfect for your reach efforts. If you don’t have access to a social media account you should get one and when you do make sure you don’t post constantly.



4.    Not focusing on SEO:


To keep up with the most up to date ways of marketing online make sure you don’t ignore relevant content development such as overloading your website, stuffing keywords, allowing content to become out-dated.

While we may never see SEO come to completion, we can keep up by staying in step with changing technology and providing the best content in the most efficient way possible.

5.    Failing to Proof Read and Grammar Check:


This can be very simple although a lot of people simply forget spelling and grammar and it’s a very common problem. Make sure you look over all your content properly before publishing.

There is defiantly is nothing more unprofessional in online content than misspelled words or random apostrophes as this can be a huge downfall for customers and also Google can track this also so this could put you lower in search rankings.





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