How to choose a good SEO company

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Choosing the best company to manage and create on site SEO of for your business or company is not an easy task. In this blog I will identify the various pitfalls to avoid and the various pointers to look out for when it comes to finding the appropriate SEO business.


To begin with:

Make sure you and your corresponding SEO business are on the same level in terms of goals. For example, you should sit down with your team and calculate various goals that you have got, figure out and/or want to achieve. Why do you want to have SEO? What keywords do you think relate to your business/company/organisation?

Some goals that you may have for your business are that:

  1. You are trying to boost revenue.
  2. You want traffic from specific groups.
  3. Trying to boost your brands reputation.

However, alongside these goals come the bad goals that you and your SEO correspondent should not be focusing upon.

  1. Rankings alone.
  2. Traffic and traffic alone.
  3. Beating your competitor.

Leading on from this once you have your goals set out you will then want to agree on these goals with your SEO consultant make sure that they can carry out these goals and more. Once you have done this, you may wish to ask if you can regularly meet up with your SEO agency to look at progress or discuss any other matter.

When it comes to all of the above we here at Bradley Web Group are elite in this sector as we go above and beyond to carry out your goals, not only will we meet these goals, but we will also suggest any other matter to you that we may think will help your SEO, we are also available to meet up with you to look at your websites SEO progress, often travelling to clients to withhold one to one meetings. We ensure that our clients goals have been met. We will discuss with you the process we are going to use to accomplish your goals, we will provide evidence on the reporting and statistics of your websites SEO.

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