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5 secrets of professional SEO article writing

On 5 Dec, 2017 By With 0 Comments

Get your keyword research on. If you’re going to post content on your site anyway, you might as well take the time to make sure Google takes notice of your effort. Find out which keywords and phrases people are searching…


Simple Steps to Understand your Customer

On 4 Dec, 2017 By With 0 Comments

To find out where your customers are spending most of their time online, you need to begin by understanding them better. Depending upon their socio-techno graphics (which means how your customers engage on the social platforms), they might be spending…


YouTube and Video Clips

On 4 Dec, 2017 By With 0 Comments

With the launch of YouTube Insight you have access to more data on the clips you publish and who views them. YouTube Insight gives you the following statistics about your users and clips:   Views: First and foremost, you can…


Influencing on Digital Platforms

On 28 Nov, 2017 By With 0 Comments

Every time people make a decision to purchase something, they will generally ask other people for advice. Sometimes, people will depend on an expert’s guidance even someone they know. So why is influence such a big deal today? This is…


Display Advertising

On 30 Oct, 2017 By With 0 Comments

When it comes to buying display advertising on sites that your potential customers use or spend time on, social influence marketing plays an important role. Display advertising is about identifying websites which your target customers regularly visit, buying ad space…


Using Facebook (Part 2)

On 23 Oct, 2017 By With 1 Comment

Outside of the fan pages, using Facebook applications allow you to capture a lot of important metrics. Building a Facebook application is like building a Web site: You need to define the strategy, brainstorm the concept, and then, with the…


Using Facebook (Part 1)

On 17 Oct, 2017 By With 0 Comments

You brand will probably be using Facebook for a number of reasons such as a fan page. You may even have done some advertising on Facebook. Here’s a list of fan-page-related metrics regarding what you can measure, why you should…


How to advertise on Facebook

On 16 Oct, 2017 By With 0 Comments

Advertising on Facebook : Facebook offers a range of campaign objectives based on what you are looking for your advertisement to do. Before we look into some specific Facebook advertisement examples and its technical requirements for each format, the following…


Using Twitter

On 10 Oct, 2017 By With 0 Comments

Simple blog post on using twitter for digital marketing; Because Twitter has an open API (application programming interface), you can measure a lot more on Twitter than elsewhere. This is largely because developers have built dozens and dozens of analytic…

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