About Us

Who are Bradley Web Group,what are we about?

Bradley Web Group prides itself on taking a business from merely existing online to being the front runner in their business field. We specialise in working with a business to dominate its chosen keyword searches, find creative and innovate ways to get more customers. The best way to think about your business online is to think like your customers.

 So what are your customer wants or needs and how do they go about looking for them?   When you are looking for a product or service where is the first place you go? . . . . . . the Internet.

95% of people in the UK and Northern Ireland use Google and for every item searched in Google the top 3 positions get about 60% of the page views.

The first position gets 37%, the second get 12% and third gets 9% so the top three is the place to be.

At Bradley Web Group we will get you onto the first page of Google for your chosen search term and will strive to get your business to the top 3 for your search term. So, if you have 500 monthly searches and you are number one in Google that means there will be approximately 180 user hits a month to your website, something of which no other advertising option can claim to be able to do.

Bradley Web Group are based here in Northern Ireland and have a dedicated team of SEO consultants with approximately ten years expertise and also web designers which can cater for all SEO and design needs for a business that wants to take the next step.

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