6 ways to stay ahead of competition

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In todays business you really need to be keeping ahead of your competitors, we will give you a quick insight into how you can compete and stay ahead of your fellow competitors.


1. Know your competition. Find out who they are, what they are selling and their techniques used to sell. You should check on your competitors to see what they are doing successfully and what they are doing differently to target their audience. You should then try to better upon this to make your business stand out.

2. Know your customers. It is important that you know your target audience, find out how they are and what platform they use. For example, if most of your customers are on Facebook you need to be posting regularly on this social media platform.

3. Update your content. Content such as, images on your website need to be updated, having old content may lose a customers interest and risk them never coming back onto your website.

4. Use Google trends. Google trends is a handy tool for allowing you to see what searches are popular on Google. You can also use it to see how specific keywords, phrases and subjects have fared over a specific period.

5. Post a blog to add new content regularly. Google loves fresh content on your website, whether it be videos or images. Having a blog is the easiest way to add new content on a regular basis. Blogs can be utilised upon in that they can be shared on social media, ultimately, furthering your audience.

6. Look after existing customers. Be responsive to their needs. This can be done through offering them discounts or loyalty schemes. This will ensure that the customer will return to your business and not look elsewhere.

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