8 Signs Your Website Needs Upgraded

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Have you been keeping your website up-to-date? A website is the window to your brand, what do you think your website is evoking to your viewers? Maybe it is a time for a website upgrade. Lets face it nobody likes having to constantly update their website, it may be time consuming but will prove to have serious effects if this has not been done.

If you are experiencing low conversion rates, high bounce rates and slow traffic coming into the website, this is a clear sign that your website needs upgraded or even just a few tweaks.

Here are 8 signs that your website needs to be updated.

1. Your website takes forever to load.

The faster the website loads, the better. Internet users are usually impatient and with the vast amount of other websites to be viewing they may click out of it and go to another website to gain access to what they are looking for, thus, in turn having an implication on your SEO efforts.

2. Your website is non-responsive.

Mobile devices will generate 68% of all Internet traffic by next year (2017). Therefore, it is essential that you upgrade your website to being mobile friendly. With 52% of Internet users using their mobile to view content such as websites, it is vital that your website is mobile friendly otherwise you are at risk of losing potential traffic.

3. No social media links.

With social media being a big factor and a massive contribution to the content that users are accessing it is important that business’ utilise social media channels to spread their content.  This is an easy way to gain and create interest to reach a broader audience. 80% of online consumers are more likely to purchase from a business they follow on Facebook or Twitter. The online world revolves around social media.

4. Your buttons look outdated.

By simply updating the various buttons on your site to have a more modern style and a high impact colour scheme you are creating a bigger impact on the sites overall appearance and performance.

5. Your website is over 3 years old.

It is important to update your website usually on a yearly basis. This might not sound like a long time but in the online world, 3 years might as well be 10 years.  Web design is constantly evolving and by keeping your website up-to-date you are keeping up with the changing of the times.

6. Your websites content has not been updated in a long time.

If your website contains the same content every time a viewer is visiting your site you are at of risk losing their interest and custom.  It is important that you keep your content up to date, as out of date content will have negative consequences on your SEO efforts.  Content management platforms such as WordPress allow you to update your content that is why we here at Bradley Web Group use this platform allow you to easily keep your website up to date and allowing you to edit content as often as you want.

7. Making sure your website is secure.

To prevent malicious software coming through to your website it is important to keep your website well secured. This can be done through using tools such as, a SSL Certificate, which is essentially a cryptographic key that allows for a secure connection between web browsers. SSL is usually represented by the padlock you see in the address bar on a website.  Not only does SSL make sure your website is secure but it also increases your Google rankings, enables customer trust and improves conversion rates.

8. Having Cookies on your website

Cookies are simply designed to protect online privacy. Cookies are created when a visitor of the website searches through the website, allowing you, the website owner to keep track of the visitors movements and navigation throughout the website. Cookies can help you arrange the content of your website to suit the visitors interests more quickly.

If you feel like it is time for an upgrade contact us on 02880711122 or email us at james@bradleywebgroup.com.

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