5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Ranking

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Improving your rankings is a difficult task, especially as business and websites have become more aware of the success of SEO. Search ranking algorithms are getting smarter and more sophisticated, outlined are various ways in which you could out smart others and make sure your SEO is just as competitive.



Infographics are a great way of getting your message across quickly and visually. In terms of SEO infographics are a powerful way of getting backlinks quickly.

This SEO technique is done through including a link within your infographic so that when users wants to use your infographic they will use this link and this will ultimately link back to your website. Easy.

We here at Bradley Web Group not only advise you on infographic ideas and create your inforgaphic , but we also create the SEO link for your infographic so you can get that all important backlink.

  1. Blogs

Blogging will help you connect with your readers. Most blogs are written in a conversationalist style and as a result this informal style will allow the reader to connect with your blog better.


  1. Publish Relevant Content

It is vital that you publish relevant content on your website. Relevant content intended for your user drives in site traffic whilst also improving tour websites relevance.

A good way to know what content is relevant is to think like your reader. For example, think about how your reader might search for your website or for a specific page, think about what kind of keywords or phrases they will type into their corresponding search engine or within your website. Once you have done this and got ‘into the mind of the users’ it is then best to included one or more of these keywords or phrases onto your website so that the use will be able to find the information that they are looking for.

  1. Update content regularly

When it comes to your websites content it is important that you update your content regularly. Fresh website content is a good indicator to Google that your website is still relevant.

  1. Have a link worthy site

If possible try to include and create relevant links within your text. Try to avoid “Click here” links and instead write out the name of the click destination.

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