5 Key Points Your E commerce Site should have…

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With E commerce sites in Northern Ireland and all over the world luring in a high amount of visitors it is important to keep your website up to date and relevant.

How exactly can SEO help improve an E Commerce website?

Mobile Optimisation

In today’s world the use of mobile technology has increased. This means a high percentage of views on your page will be from a mobile device (mobile optimisation). A few points to consider…

  • Simplify navigation, an easily accessible menu or search bar will help your mobile visitors get where they are going quickly.
  • Large images need to be scaled down to suit a smaller screen.What looks good on a PC/Laptop will not necessarily look as good on a mobile site.
  • Shorten and simplify, on a mobile device large amounts of text will lead to overcrowding try to keep information straight to the point for your mobile visitor

Social Media Presencesocial-media-icons

Having a good social media presence will boost your online profile. Make sure to have the social media logos/links clearly displayed on your business site for your visitors to follow. Over 75%of internet users use social media, with on average 118 minutes daily spent on social media sites this is a lot of potential visitors to your site

Contact Details

These need to be clear an easily found. You might include it along with a description of your business on a page called ‘About us’ you could include a contact form. Contact details are essential for every business website. It complies with the legal requirements, helps reassure potential clients and makes it easy for them to contact you

Fresh Content

You have to keep your website content fresh. If your website contains the same content each time a viewer is visiting you are at of risk losing their interest and custom. It is important that you keep your content up to date.

OptimiseE commerce Site Performance 

40% of users on E commerce Sites in Northern Ireland abandon if it takes more than 3 seconds. You’ll want to make sure your site is optimised to run as quickly as possible.

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