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Using Facebook (Part 1)

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You brand will probably be using Facebook for a number of reasons such as a fan page. You may even have done some advertising on Facebook. Here’s a list of fan-page-related metrics regarding what you can measure, why you should…


How to advertise on Facebook

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Advertising on Facebook : Facebook offers a range of campaign objectives based on what you are looking for your advertisement to do. Before we look into some specific Facebook advertisement examples and its technical requirements for each format, the following…


Using Twitter

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Simple blog post on using twitter for digital marketing; Because Twitter has an open API (application programming interface), you can measure a lot more on Twitter than elsewhere. This is largely because developers have built dozens and dozens of analytic…


Insight into Social Platform Enhancers

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This post will give you a breif insight into social platform enchancers; Social Platform Enhancers are not social platforms and they don’t have their own audiences. They are not advertising agencies or public relations firms who can help you market…


Understanding Social Influence Marketing

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Social Influence Marketing is a technique that employs social media (content created by everyday people using highly accessible and scalable technologies such as: Blogs Message boards Podcasts Microblogs Bookmarks Social Networks Communities Wikis Vlogs Social Influencers  (Everyday people who have…